Change Log

Version 1.11

  • FIX: Plugin was not compatible with latest Intel Core i3/5/7 CPUs

Version 1.10

  • FIX: Plugin could crash when loading invalid wav files

Version 1.09

  • FIX: Some 32bit wav impulse responses were loaded incorrectly
  • FIX: Some wav files could cause the plugin to crash
  • FIX: Resolve “Error 29” issues
  • IMP: Added support for 64 bit wav IRs

Version 1.08

  • FIX: Resolved problems that occured on some ATI cards

Version 1.07

  • IMP: Added support for the FLAC audio format to load IRs
  • IMP: GPU usage meter now has a tooltip with more details, it reports PCIe bandwidth usage as well as computation performance
  • FIX: Fixed a possible hang if the blocksize was changed
  • FIX: Waveform display could show incorrect values
  • FIX: “High Latency” parameter was not restored correctly in a production environment

Version 1.06

  • IMP: Mono Impulse Responses are now supported
  • FIX: Plugin could crash at startup due to a VSTGUI related bug
  • FIX: Fixed opening GUI caused a reload of the current impulse response
  • FIX: Compatibility Check Tool didn’t work on some systems
  • FIX: Slider wasn’t always redrawn correctly
  • FIX: 64-bit version didn’t work on ATI systems with more than 2 GB of RAM

Version 1.05

  • IMP: Equalizer is now applied to the Wet Signal only
  • FIX: Fixed CPU spikes when using an ASIO blocksize that is not a power-of-two
  • IMP: The plugin refuses to work if an NVidia card is used and the driver is too old to prevent unexcepted crashes
  • IMP: The Compatibility Check displays more information and checks the driver version



Version 1.04

  • FIX: Fixed some compatibility issues with Ableton Live
  • IMP: The Compatibility Check Tool has been improved, it now tells what is missing to run GPU Impulse Reverb VST


Version 1.03

  • IMP: Added support for True Stereo impulse responses. If a quad-channel wav file is loaded, the IR is processed in True Stereo mode automatically
  • IMP: Added folders and a back button to the file list for easier directory changes & faster selection of impulse responses
  • IMP: Hovering the “N” logo displays the plugins version number

Version 1.02

  • Changes of the envelope settings now respond faster
  • Added a small “DEMO” logo to the demo to distinguish between demo and full version

Version 1.01 (closed beta)

  • The wet volume is now normalized and has a volume range of 0-200%
  • The label “GPU Impulse Reverb” and the “N” logo are now clickable and open the product website
  • The EQ labels “Low” and “High” have been fixed to match the correct knob


Version 1.00 (closed beta)

These are the changes that have been made since the first very early version that has been posted at KVR forums

  • IMP: Complete GUI redesign
  • IMP: Switched from NVidia CUDA to OpenCL to support both NVidia and AMD graphics chips
  • IMP: GPU performance has been increased by about factor 2
  • IMP: native x64 version
  • IMP: Added Attack/Release/Length envelope to tweak loaded IR
  • IMP: Added 2-band Equalizer
  • IMP: Latency reduced drastically, now only one ASIO blocksize
  • FIX: Fixed bug that caused slightly higher CPU load if host with block sizes > 4096
  • FIX: Fixed rare crash when changing impulse reverbs while host is running playback