Announcing GPU Impulse Reverb VST for NVidia / ATI graphics

I’m pleased to announce the release of “GPU Impulse Reverb”, a VST plugin that creates a convolution reverb using only your consumer graphics chips from ATI or NVidia for calculation, resulting in a CPU usage near 0%, allowing to use your CPU for other things in your productions.

Check out a demonstration video:



  • Support for multiple devices
  • Adjustable Attack/Release and Length
  • Adjustable Low/High/Dry/Wet/In/Out gains
  • Full support for 32 bit impulse responses
  • Native x64 support


  • OpenCL-compatible GPU or any other compatible OpenCL device. The following devices are proved to work:
    • ATI Radeon with “ATI Stream & OpenCL” support, such as Radeon HD 5xxx or higher
    • NVidia Geforce with “CUDA” support, such as a Geforce 8xxx or higher
  • VST compatible host software, such as Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Fruity Loops, Reaper, Wavosour, VSTHost or others
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Most recent drivers for your graphics card (OpenCL support is mandatory)
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