GPU Impulse Reverb now 10 years old

Recently, GPU Impulse Reverb became 10 years old.

At that time, convolution reverbs were very CPU intensive and quickly CPUs of desktop PCs became the limiting factor in purely software based audio production.

Since 2011, CPU performance has increased significantly and lots of new convolution reverb plugins were released, highly optimized for modern CPUs and much more feature rich than GPU Impulse Reverb.

Still, this plugin offers offload of CPU resources to the GPU as a unique feature. To celebrate the 10th birthday of GPU Impulse Reverb, I decided that this plugin is now freeware.

Head over to the Download page to grab your copy.

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1 Response to GPU Impulse Reverb now 10 years old

  1. pranza says:

    that’s really cool, thanks man!
    GPU FTW!

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